Ivy (Ivyana) VA01321199

“I want to be able to call somewhere home, being able to just stay in a permanent home without moving, just somewhere to have that support and love and care.”

Ivyana is a delightful and mature 15 year old female. She is known as “Ivy” to her friends and family. Ivy has a friendly, fun-loving, bubbly personality with a contagious smile. Ivy makes friends easily and enjoys being active. She likes to play football, softball, baseball, and tennis and has a passion for physical fitness. Like other teens her age, Ivy enjoys going to the mall, hanging out with friends, and practicing driving. She is comfortable in most social situations and has shown that she can be a positive leader within her peer group. Ivy says of her friends “I’m the mom of the group – I take care of them.”

Ivy enjoys spending time watching movies, making new friends, and going to church. She also likes gardening and planting flowers, reading, and working on jigsaw puzzles. Ivy is very talented and enjoys drawing and creating pictures and designs. Ivy is an avid reader and is wise beyond her years. She does very well in school, enjoys learning new things, and takes great pride in her schoolwork. Her academic performance is a strength and source of pride for her. Ivy has shown that she can excel at school through both classroom and virtual learning environments. She plans to go to college and join the military when she finishes high school and wants to be a nurse so that she can help others.

Ivy hopes to find a forever home where she will be shown unconditional love and support; a home where she can “just be a kid.” She is looking for a respectful family that is a balance of outgoing and relaxed. She hopes to find parents who will open their home to her as a kid – not as a foster kid – treating her with the same respect that they would want. Ivy has dreams of traveling with her new family, making new memories and having new adventures. Could this family be you?

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