Meet Hunter

Hunter loves video games, board games, arcades and can be very competitive. He likes movies especially in a theater experience. He is very technologically apt and aspires to be a professional YouTuber. His favorite foods are spaghetti, french fries, and Burger King Whoppers. Hunter was born in Louisiana and thinks hot sauce and ketchup are major food groups. He enjoys the water and likes pool games and just having fun in the water.

Hunter is mild mannered and does well in school. His favorite subjects are science and math and he is a good problem solver. He is clever and has a dry sense of humor. He responds well to clearly defined rules and expectations. He would do well in a family with routines and consistency. Honesty and loyalty are two of his best virtues. He gets along well with adults and has been making friends at school. Hunter wants a forever family that he can trust and depend on to be there for him.


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