Heidi, Jessica & Kendy LAC1055, LAC1056, LAC1057

These three girls are sure to bring new energy to their future adoptive home!

Heidi is an insightful young girl born December of 2011. Heidi is very protective of her little sisters. Heidi usually takes the lead in voicing her concerns for herself and her siblings. Heidi enjoys watching movies and shows on Netflix. She is witty and smart and enjoys interacting with her friends. Some of Heidi’s favorite foods are ceviche and tamales. She enjoys going out to eat.

Jessica was born in January of 2014. She is the shy one of the group. However, she is very independent and strong. Jessica enjoys interacting with other children, but also needs her alone time. One of her favorite pastimes is playing dress-up with her sisters. She also enjoys playing with dolls and dancing. Jessica also really enjoys swimming. She enjoys all types of food and is very healthy. Jessica is learning how to express feelings of frustration and concern.

Kendy was born in July of 2015. She is full of energy and always volunteers to participate in fun activities. She enjoys playing with her dolls. She is very active and enjoys the outdoors. Kendy is typically smiling and positive and enjoys people and interacting with children her age. Some of Kendy’s favorite foods include fruits, pizza and arroz con pollo.

These three girls are sure to bring new energy to their future adoptive home, so if you are feeling ready to add these awesome sisters to your family, let us know!

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