Meet Harrison, Chadwick & Avery

Harrison is a loving boy that has a good sense of humor. He has dark brown hair, a bright smile, and big brown eyes. Harrison is very smart, and enjoys activities that expand his mind. He is very pleasant to be around and is extremely affectionate. He always tries to be helpful toward others and with chores around the house. He is very good with animals of all kinds. Harrison also enjoys watching movies and shows on his portable DVD player.

Harrison is able to create bonds with others once he gets to know them. He needs a loving, supportive family that can provide for his special needs. An ideal family for Harrison would be interested in technology as well as the outdoors at times, and would be able to support Harrison in extra-curricular activities.

Chadwick is a very caring boy. He has blonde/strawberry blonde hair and big blue eyes. He loves to be outside. He enjoys riding his bike and playing in the dirt and getting dirty. Chadwick also likes to be indoors, watching movies on his portable DVD player and playing with his Legos set.

He thrives off of attention and really needs a lot of one on one time. Chadwick is able to create a bond, and is very affectionate at times. An ideal family for Chadwick would be interested in outdoors, and would be able to support Chadwick in extra-curricular activities.

Avery is a very energetic boy. He has blonde hair and big brown eyes. He enjoys playing outside on his bike and inside with toy cars. Avery is able to create bonds with others, once getting to know them. He enjoys listening to music and playing games on his tablet.

Avery needs a family that can provide him with consistency and structure while remaining flexible and patient.

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