Haley – TN01-11744706

Haley is involved in the Color Guard and enjoys being a part of the choir at school.

Haley is a social young lady that loves to be on the go! She loves to watch and play basketball and jump on the trampoline. Haley is involved in the Color Guard at school, and also enjoys playing on her hover board, going to the park or drawing and playing on her computer. She is a big fan of animals, especially dogs and cats; and really enjoys singing karaoke and tends to be singing frequently. Her favorite music is rap and Taylor Swift.

Hayley has been enjoying being a part of the choir at school. When watching television she is particularly interested in Gavin Magnus. She also enjoys attending church and participating in the youth group activities. Some of her favorite foods include pizza with vegan cheese, hotdogs, hamburgers and Chinese food—especially sushi.

Haley currently has a dream of going to California after she graduates high school. Haley also has a dream of being adopted and will enjoy celebrating holidays and doing things with her forever family!

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