Meet Grace

Grace is a sweet teenage girl who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She has a smile that is genuine and heartwarming. She is a loving and thoughtful young lady. Grace enjoys reading and watching television. Like most people, she loves to binge watch Netflix. Some of her favorite shows are American Horror Story and Supernatural. Her favorite books are mystery novels. Grace enjoys playing basketball and is open to trying new things. She loves playing video games and board games like Monopoly. Grace also enjoys watching football and her favorite team is the Tennessee Titans. Grace recently had the opportunity to go hiking during church camp and really enjoyed it. Grace is looking forward to new experiences. She recently went to a major theme park and really enjoyed riding the roller coasters and water rides. She has had the privilege of going on some church trips and a school trip, and she really enjoyed these new experiences. She enjoys learning new things and also enjoys school. Her favorite subject is Math.

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