Meet Glen

Glentayvous is a free-spirited teenager who loves the outdoors. He displays his love for music by singing and playing the drums. This entertainer is very proud of his ability to sing and recite bible verses. He’s also a member of the drill team in church. Glentayvous likes school and enjoys reading, math and handwriting.

This active boy loves sports and used to play football at school. Video games is another favorite pastime for Glentayvous. There’s no surprise that Glentayvous has a good appetite with his favorite foods being hamburgers, chicken and ice cream.

Glentayvous would like a mom and dad who will be active in outdoor activities and sports. He hopes his mom and dad will understand his desire to maintain contact with his sister. He also would like his forever mom and dad to allow him to continue participating in youth church activities.



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