Gabriel “Gabe” TN01-8412928

Gabe will amaze you with his ability to put together 3 D lego puzzles.

Gabe is an artistic young man with an exceptional memory. He can draw exceptionally well and has a particular fascination with making company logos out of Legos. He will amaze you with his ability to put together 3-D Lego puzzles. Gabe is also showing some musical flair and has started playing a keyboard and singing. He is a hands-on learner and is very curious. Gabe enjoys meeting new people. He enjoys playing games with the family and has a particular fondness of TV game shows. He especially likes to play video games and watch logos related to the beginning of movies. He prefers being indoors, although in the past he enjoyed swimming and going to the lake. Gabe will try a variety of foods with one of his favorites being seafood. Gabe can be very friendly when he knows a person well. Gabe has a unique perspective on the world and is very happy when he is doing the things he enjoys.

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