Meet 5 Incredible Siblings

Tawfiq is athletic, easy going, quiet, personable, and talented. He has played organized basketball on the Jr. Varsity team. Tawfiq is very talented in art and drawing. He also likes playing video games. Tawfiq likes school and makes satisfactory grades.
He gets along well with others, and is very respectful to adults.

Dakayla is a young lady who is very intelligent, outspoken, sociable and articulate. Her interests are cosmetology, hair styling, makeup application, and cooking. She makes good grades, has a very likeable personality and gets along well with others. Dakayla is very talented with hair, and wants to become a beautician and spa owner. She is very independent, goal-oriented, and tenacious.

Roytayvhon is likeable, outgoing, smart, and loves to be around people. He is a very respectful, kind and loving child. Roytayvhon likes staying busy, and has lots energy. His personality is delightful, and he’s a joy to others.

Jeihkayvhon is a wonderful little boy who has a twin brother. He loves to draw, color, and play video games. He is outgoing once he gets to know you. Jeihkayvhon has great potential, academically, and is very intelligent. He is well-mannered towards adults.

Keihjayvhon has a twin brother, and three other siblings. He loves to draw, color and play video games. Keihjayvhon is very social. He is intelligent and has great academic potential.
Keihjayvhon is also very well mannered.

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