Meet Faith

Faith is a sweet-natured young lady. She is very imaginative and has several interests. Currently, she has developed an interest in science and hopes to have a science lab, telescope, and microscope someday. Faith loves animals such as cats, kittens, and dogs although she may not always read their cues when they no longer want to be held. She has a fascination with wolves, dinosaurs, and sharks and really likes learning about them including reading and watching related programs. Faith also enjoys doing art projects and coloring. She does not have specific favorite foods other than candy. Overall, Faith is not a picky eater and enjoys eating foods like PB & J sandwiches, French fries, hot dogs, and some vegetables; although she does not care for salads.

Faith’s teacher says that she is a joy to have in class and is a hard worker. The teacher also stated she is eager to volunteer for activities in class and likes to be a helper. Faith needs some assistance in negotiating peer relationships at times but she loves meeting adults and kids as well as interacting with them. She also enjoys playing outside and has stated she enjoys swimming.

Faith will excel in a family that is supportive, loving and appreciates her uniqueness. She will need a family that is structured and willing to be involved in her care into adulthood. Faith would do well with either a single mom or two parent home and gets along well with other children. Faith desires to have a family that will love her unconditionally as she continues to heal from the trauma of her past.


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