Meet Emma

You’ll always be taken care of when Emma is around. She’s got a big heart, and loves hanging out with people she cares about to make sure they always have what they need.

And if you need to laugh? She has a great sense of humor and she’ll always try to cheer you up! Emma is intelligent and does very well in school and has no difficulty applying herself to get what she wants. She hopes to go to college and start a successful career as a veterinarian someday. She’s definitely a country girl and there’s definitely nothing that makes her happier than getting to be outside!

Despite past challenges, Emma has a strong desire for a family. She has no preference on the what the parents are like, but would like to have older or younger brothers. Her hope is a family shares her interest in sports, especially volleyball and basketball, and her dream is to have family vacations places like Hawaii or Jamaica. What Emma wants her new family to know is that she’ll always treat them as she should. She is eager to have parents who give her freedom to figure things out while still giving clear direction on how to navigate life.

Emma would do well in in a family with parents who are willing to communicate what they expect and who can explain to Emma why the rules and expectations are the way they are. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children


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