Elijah TN01-9816042

After graduating from high school, Elijah wants to work in law enforcement.

Elijah is friendly and outgoing. He loves to laugh and have a good time. He also loves to play sports and video games. In his downtime, he enjoys being in the outdoors. Some of his favorite things to do are riding dirt bikes, camping, hiking, canoeing, swimming, and fishing. He also likes to read. He particularly enjoys the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. His favorite school subjects are math, science and social studies. After graduating from high school, he wants to work in law enforcement. His specific goals are to be part of a SWAT team. He also dreams of traveling the world. Some of the destinations that he would like to experience are Miami, Paris, Canada and Brazil. He hopes that when he finds his forever family, he will be able to join a football or basketball team. He also hopes that his family enjoys eating out. He loves all types of fast food and his favorite “sit-down” restaurants are Golden Corral and Cracker Barrel.

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