Meet Elijah, Kaedyn & Peityn

Meet Elijah, Kaedyn, and Peityn! These three brothers have an unbreakable, special bond and are looking for a ‘no matter what’ family.

Elijah is the oldest brother. He enjoys playing football, fixing cars, and playing video games. He likes working on cars because it gives him something to do and he can work with his hands. When he grows up, Elijah would like to be an auto mechanic and own his own shop. Being the oldest, Elijah works hard to help care for his brothers.

Kaedyn is the middle brother. He is loving, kind, and smart. He enjoys playing basketball and video games because they are fun. Kaedyn does well in school and his favorite class is PE because he gets to play basketball and be active. Kaedyn says that he wants to be an artist with his own studio when he grows up. He says that his brothers make him laugh when they tell jokes and act goofy.

Peityn is the youngest brother. He loves to play video games and ride his bike. Peityn enjoys school and his favorite class is math because he is good at it. He isn’t quite sure what he wants to do when he grows up. Peityn also enjoys spending time and playing with his brothers. Elijah, Kaedyn, and Peityn are wanting a forever family where they can be together. They need a family that can provide them with structure, but also allow them to be their ages and be kids. The family will need to be able to advocate for each of the boys’ needs, and most importantly, give them the love they deserve.


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