Elijah LAC1046

Elijah likes be active outside and swimming is his favorite!

Elijah (b. 3/2012) is a personable Latino boy who can often be found looking up videos on YouTube about some of the many subjects that interest him. Elijah can be talkative and is not shy about expressing what he wants and needs. Elijah likes to play Pokeman and Roblox and is almost always ready to take on any challenger on the Nintendo Switch video gaming system. Elijah also gets active when outside and swimming is one of his favorite activities.

Elijah does struggle with personal boundaries at times and this is something that he is working on in therapy. He also needs extra help with staying on task in school and with his homework. Elijah does best when there is a structured routine and when he is able to receive one-on-one attention and supervision. Elijah is looking forward to being part of an adoptive home where he can thrive.

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