Meet Eli, Adrian, & Jonathan

Eleazar¬†(Eli) is a funny young man who brightens the day of everyone around him! His interests are eclectic and range from sports to art to music. He has played on his school’s football team where he excelled as running back and he has also done wrestling and track. To get his creative juices flowing, Eleazar enjoys making music, he’s even produced his own song that’s now on SoundCloud! Over the summer he did an Eco Challenge where he got to learn about different careers and found an interest in welding.

Adrian is a caring young man with a huge heart! He always looks out for people around him, and he’ll tell you one thing he absolutely cannot stand is bullying. He will always stick up to a bully! He has artistic aspirations and loves to draw, design, or see what kind of cool creations he can come up with in the kitchen. Adrian likes to stay active by skateboarding, walking around the zoo, or traveling around the city! When it’s time to relax he enjoys watching different Bob Ross painting shows online; Jonathan is a caring, helpful guy who always looks out for those around him! He’s always the first one to offer to help with chores, he likes to take care of the people he loves. He knows his way around the kitchen and if you’re lucky he’ll whip you up some of his famous baked treats!

Jonathan likes to entertain and he’s done a bunch of hilarious videos on the TikTok service. He enjoys playing, whether it’s a board game like Monopoly or going outside and playing some badminton!

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