Earlwyn and Werdna

“I like to tickle him in the armpit!”


Meet 7-year-old Earlwyn who is in first grade. This little bundle of energy is a happy, smiling little boy who loves his best friend Maverick, the bulldog, who is a member of the foster family he resides with.

Earl enjoys playing outdoors, riding his bike and jumping on the trampoline with Maverick following close behind. Earl tags along with his foster family to all school and community sports events. This year he enjoyed learning all the cheers with his high school cheerleader friends while his older foster brother played basketball. In the summer months,

Earl has been learning to play soccer and basketball. This past summer he enjoyed having an in-home child care provider who did many activities with him and the other children in the home. They also worked on his numbers and letters to help him for this school year. This past summer he had his first experience with going to camp. He enjoys going to the park, swimming, the zoo, hiking or the waterpark for extra fun activities. When he is unable to be outside, Earl likes to play with cars or playing house with his sister and foster sister. Earl can be very lovable and enjoys attention from the adults around him.

Meet 6-year-old Werdna who is in Kindergarten. She is a cute and sassy “girly-girl”! She likes dolls, playing house or kitchen, having her hair done, and wearing pretty clothes. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. Werdna is not generally an outdoors kind of girl, but will follow if everyone else is doing something outside. This summer, the in-home child care provider worked with her on her numbers, letters and colors. It was also a summer where Wernda tried new things. She found she enjoys going to the pool and getting wet.

She really enjoys adult attention and will seek out extra hugs and snuggles from her caregivers. She especially loves to snuggle while watching movies or being read to. Werdna attends all school and community sports activities with her foster parents. She also learned all the cheers with the high school cheerleaders and helped cheer on her older foster brother. Werdna currently attends all day every day Kindergarten.

Earl and Werdna would do best in a family where they were the ONLY children or the youngest with teen siblings. They also would do better in a family that has the time to devote attention to the children’s needs. A family in or near the state of South Dakota would be best, but all licensed families will be considered.

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