Meet Dylan & Cody

Meet Cody and Dylan
Cody and Dylan are excited about being adopted and are ready to meet their forever family.

Cody is the older of the siblings. He is a history buff and enjoys sharing with you the facts he learns from the many books he likes to read. Cody does prefer reading and indoor activities to playing outside, and says that the reason he enjoys reading history books is because he can learn so much about topics that interest him. History books are not the only types of books Cody likes to read. He also enjoys reading fantasy books for pleasure. Cody has participated in the cub scouts in the past and enjoyed the activities associated with that such as camping and learning survival skills. Even though Cody has some preferred interests, he is open and willing to try new things too! Cody enjoys school, and is very intelligent and makes good grades. Cody’s favorite subject is science and he says he would like to go to college after high school.

Dylan is a little boy who is very driven to do well in all areas of his life. When he is comfortable, Dylan is able to bond quickly and form relationships easily. He loves helping others and likes activities that allow him to interact with others. His favorite board game is Monopoly. Dylan likes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. His favorite sport is football and he would like a family who would provide him with more opportunities to play team sports. Dylan loves school and makes good grades. He says that when he finishes high school he would like to serve in the military or go to the police academy.

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