Dylan E601

Dylan loves food and animals. He loves taking trips and seeing new things.

Dylan is a likeable child with a sweet and funny personality. He is outgoing to talk to and enjoys meeting new people. Dylan enjoys being outside staying busy. At school Dylan looks forward to Reading, Math, and learning about Science, which helps him with experiments like making slime that he likes to do in his free time. Dylan enjoys playing board games, video games, and spending time on electronics, as well. Dylan has a love for animals and enjoys taking care of them. His favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel and his favorite foods are burgers and fried chicken. Dylan loves to take trips and see new things. He loves to explore and be a part of the action around him. Dylan likes one-on-one time with adults.

Dylan is ready for a forever family. He would like to have a adoptive family to call his own. Dylan states, “I want a family that is going to love me, care for me, go fishing and camping with me, and allow me to play football and basketball.” Country living would be the best match for Dylan so he can get out to explore and be able to participate in the outdoor activities that he enjoys. Dylan would benefit from a family that is patient, understanding, and affectionate. He would also do well with children his age or older that will be good role models.

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