Dylan E601

Dylan loves food and animals. He loves taking trips and seeing new things.

Dylan is a young, loveable soul who is eagerly searching for a forever home, and his vibrant personality shines bright. He is a likeable child with a sweet disposition and funny personality. His outgoing nature makes him a joy to be around. He’s always on the move, thriving in the great outdoors and staying busy with activities that fuel his curiosity. Dylan enjoys being in school learning about Reading, Math, and Science, which helps him with experiments like making slime that he likes to do in his free time.

Dylan’s interests are as diverse as his infectious laughter. He’s an avid player of board games, cards, and video games, a tech-savvy enthusiast who loves everything electronic. When he’s not playing football or basketball, he’s casting lines into the water, enjoying the serenity of fishing. Dylan is also quite the artist, taking pleasure in arts and crafts and creating masterpieces with his drawings.

Dylan has an adventurous spirit that yearns for exploration. He’s thrilled at the prospect of trips to new places and experiences. If you’re the type of family that loves adventure and embraces country living, Dylan could be the perfect addition to your household. Dylan’s heart’s desire is to find his very own loving and caring adoptive family. He envisions a home filled with patience, understanding, and affection. Are you the family Dylan’s been waiting for?

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