Meet Drake

Drake is an outdoorsy kind of kid if we’ve ever seen one! He loves vast open spaces, where he can spend lots of time exploring nature. And if there’s fishing – even better! Drake is fascinated by how things work, and enjoys fixing broken items he finds around the house or yard – and he’s always willing to lend a hand and some engineering ideas! Drake thinks he might want to be a lab technician when he’s older, but he also really enjoys taking care of animals – so maybe he’ll do both! This kind, charismatic teen has a sensitive side that shines through when you get to know him – his friends see him as a leader, and with strong support from an adoptive family, we know Drake will thrive.

Drake would do best in a two-parent home, with a strong male role model who demonstrates appropriate behavior and communication. It would be best if there are no other children in the home, so that Drake can receive all the attention and support that he deserves. Drake is active and loves being outside, so a family that enjoys the outdoors and can keep up with him would be ideal. Interested families should have an understanding of how trauma can impact a child.


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