Meet Dorian

Get to know more about the polite and curious Dorian! This teen is always up for a trip in the car. He delights in going to the park and riding his bicycle. Listening to the radio and going swimming are also fun activities for Dorian. While he isn’t old enough to drive a real car, this teen likes driving bumper cars.

This sweet and happy is also a fan of dancing, and he just might bust a move if he gets to go to McDonald’s for a meal. Dorian does well with adults and younger-aged peers. He is known to be inquisitive and asks a lot of questions. Dorian knows that it is about the simple things in life, and he absolutely adores going for rides on the elevator. It should be no surprise that he hopes to have a job as an elevator attendant when he’s older. He is in the eighth grade.

Dorian would do best in a two-parent family. For families outside of Utah, only those families who have a completed home study are encouraged to inquire.

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