Desiree – TN01-25777486

“If you’re willing to love me, I’m willing to love you. There are a lot of kids out there who need homes, and I am one of them. They’ve been through so much, and they deserve a home.”

Desiree is a sweet young lady who loves card games. She knows lots of different card games and is always ready to play. Another favorite is her Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. Desiree likes cheerleading, dance, and soccer. She enjoys outdoor activities such as riding her bike. She likes listening to music on youtube with Miley Cyrus being her favorite.

She enjoys watching the Wizard of Oz. Desiree’s favorite food is tacos but she also likes pizza, ice cream and broccoli. Her favorite subject is Math. Desiree loves animals, especially dogs. Desiree wants a family to call her own. She is open to a bigger or smaller family.

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