Denise, Anthony & German LAC1090 LAC1091 LAC1092

“We’ve always been together, so it would hard for us to be separated.”

Denise [b. March 2011] is a social girl with a big heart who enjoys spending time with her friends. Denise has recently discovered that she has an interest in hip-hop dancing to the extent that she may want to try hip-hop dance lessons. She is capable of doing things independently, but can also be strong-willed at times. Denise also likes watching TV, playing video games, drawing and bringing her drawings to life by coloring them nicely. Denise has shared that she wants to be a social worker or a teacher when she grows up because she wants to be able to help children in any way she can.

Anthony [b. April 2012] is an easy-going and kind child who enjoys playing video games and joining academic activities. Anthony was selected to participate in a math-a-thon last school year, and proudly captured the bronze by coming in 3 rd place! Anthony also likes to play soccer and enjoys going to the beach whenever possible. He has become less reserved and more vocal about his needs and feelings. Anthony is doing well in school and his grades are above average. He does not know what he wants to be when he grows up but he says he will get a job that has something interesting for him to do.

German [b. April 2016] is an energetic boy who loves to have fun. German enjoys playing video games with his brother, as well as helping water the plants at his placement. German is meeting most developmental milestones, but does have a speech delay. German is a bit finicky when it comes to meals, but likes to eat fruit and yogurt. German is doing okay in school and is getting assistance from the school to improve his academic progress. German says he wants to be a police man when he grows up.

If the probability of adding these three siblings to your family looks good, please let us know. We want to help factor Denise, Anthony and German into the equation of the right forever family!

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