Meet Delaney

Delaney is a very expressive young lady who loves to laugh once she warms up to new people. She enjoys reading books, telling jokes, and is ready to find her forever family. She enjoys meeting new friends, loves animals, and loves writing stories/journaling. Delaney does enjoy seafood and prefers not to eat food with bones such as chicken wings. She enjoys activities that are one on one with her caregiver, such as craft activities, watching movies, cooking, and shopping.

Delaney would be most successful in a home that can spend quality time with her, help her succeed into adulthood, and assist her in moving forward with a fresh start.

Delaney has expressed that she wants a family who is going to be able to spend quality time with her and does not have a preference on the type of parents that become her forever home. Delaney would love to be in a home that has pets that she can care for.

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