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David enjoys the outdoors, particularly riding his bike.

David is a young man who is generally happy-go-lucky. He enjoys the outdoors, particularly riding his bike. He is not a big sports fan but will shoot basketball if he is playing with others. David loves the “how it is made” videos on YouTube and the videos where things are put into an industrial grinder to see how the item reacts. He also likes to watch videos about video games on YouTube. David loves playing with remote control cars and likes to keep them lined up together so he can play with them. David can be very creative when needed. He once was playing a board game with his case manager and it was missing some parts, so David made up rules for the game so they could continue playing! David can be quiet and shy but does warm up to people fairly quickly. A two-parent home with structure and stability would be the optimum to assist David in meeting his life goals.

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