David “Jett” F0202

“Being able to belong in a family means being able to be addressed and approached like a biological kid. You know, nobody’s left out.”

David, or Jett, as he likes to be called by his friends is a smart young man. He is very capable of being successful. Jett is not a fan of school. He enjoys the socialization but struggles to get his work in on time. In his own words “I can do the work if I need to” becomes his excuse for late homework. Jett enjoys sports of all kinds. His favorites are basketball and football. He is considering going out for the high school team. He also has a job at a local fast-food restaurant. He enjoys earning money but is not really a fan of the work. He is learning that is part of getting older. Jett is a polite young man who is very good at telling people what they want to hear. He makes friends easily. He has matured a great deal in the last year.

Jett needs a family that is willing to give him support and guidance. He might be resistant to guidance at first but does make positive choices when he knows someone is there to support him. Jett has not had very many positive foster family relationships. He longs to belong to a family that is committed to him in the good times and the bad. He said he would like a family that “would look out for his best interest.”

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