Meet David

David is a creative and active young man. David particularly likes super heroes with some of his favorites being Avengers, Spider Man, Captain America and the Hulk. He also really enjoys writing his own stories, usually creating a story-line involving a superhero that he has created. David enjoys reading graphic novels and Manga books. He has an active imagination and enjoys coming up with ideas for inventions. David likes to create things using Legos and also enjoys drawing.

David prefers to be doing something which may include being outside or engaging in a sports activity. He also enjoys listening to most types of music. David likes to eat a lot of healthy types of food such as fruit, most vegetables and salads. He also likes chicken, steak, seafood and occasionally ice cream. He says that he is moving towards a vegan diet and he would like to be with a family that either is vegan, or would be supportive of him being vegan.

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