Meet David

David has the voice of an angel and is willing to share it with the world. He enjoys singing and is not shy about his talent. He has shared this talent in front of large crowds before with unbelievable confidence. When asked to describe himself, David identified himself as “hyper and funny.” David loves going to church. He also enjoys playing sports and being active. His favorite sport is football. He also enjoys basketball, weightlifting, and running track. When he is not actively engaged in playing one of these sports, David enjoys watching football with others.

Academics is a strength for David, and he prides himself on good grades and likes receiving all A’s. When asked about his future goals, David swiftly responded, “My goal is that if I can’t be a lawyer, I’ll be in the NFL and go to UT.” David enjoys fried chicken, sushi, and steak.

Are You Interested?

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