Dashaun E726

“The word family means someone that is there for you when you need them most and is someone that you can come home to and say Hi and I love you to.”

Dashuan or Shaun as he is also known as is a kindhearted young man who is longing to belong to a family that wants him as much as he wants to be in a family. Dashaun has had many heartbreaks in life where he has given of himself in an honest and open way only to be rejected by those he loves.

He is a friendly young man who is polite and respectful during conversations. He does get excited when he has something to say and must be reminded to wait his turn to talk. He has a sense of humor that keeps you smiling when talking to him. He describes himself as nice, awesome and amazing.

Dashaun is looking for a family that will encourage him to do better. Dashaun has received awards for his good behavior at school and when riding the bus. He does need assistance on occasion with his schoolwork. He gets good grades when he really enjoys the subject and focuses on the topic. Dashuan, like many boys his age, considers his favorite pastime to be playing video games. He considers his gaming abilities as one of his best talents. He does enjoy a variety of sports and board games but is not fond of Uno. Dashaun shared that he does play the guitar a little and sometimes will sing along. He also enjoys listening to music of various kinds.

One of Shaun’s greatest hopes is to find a family and be adopted. He would like to know he has a family who loves and cares about him as he gets older.

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