Meet Darius & Andres

*PLEASE NOTE: Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.*

Brothers Darius and Andres have a very close relationship and would like to be adopted together into a family that enjoys being active. Both boys enjoy playing sports, including soccer and golf.

Darius, the older of the two, also enjoys football and tennis. He really enjoys playing with other children and will talk to anyone. When he’s not outside, Darius likes reading, playing with Legos and trucks and doing puzzles. Darius is a very helpful boy and is good about completing chores around the house.

Andres enjoys putting and running outside. He also likes playing with cars and Legos, drawing, taking pictures, reading and watching Paw Patrol.

Andres and Darius are very active children and would like a family that would be willing to stay active with them. The boys would thrive with a family that understands all of their needs and would support continuation of therapy and case management services.​


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