Danyelle & Isaiah – TN01-12799090, TN01-27419559

Sweet siblings who are close to one another. Danyelle enjoys the choir and Isaiah enjoys country music!

Danyelle is a smart girl with a magnetic personality. She enjoys eating mac and cheese, spaghetti, hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, and Chick-fil-A. In her free time, Danyelle likes to read, watch TV and play video games. Danyelle prefers to play indoors, but she also enjoys being outside (especially to swim!). Danyelle enjoys watching Disney movies and listening to Disney music. She enjoys choir and being around kids her age, especially in a church setting. Danyelle is enthusiastic about trying new things. She is comfortable around common pets, and she would really like to be in a home with a cat. Danyelle does well in school.

Isaiah is a smart, funny, and easygoing young man who likes to help his sister. Isaiah’s favorite foods include mac and cheese, spaghetti, steak, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Isaiah plays well with others and would prefer to play with peers as opposed to being alone. If given the choice, Isaiah would prefer to play outdoors. When he’s outside, he enjoys riding his scooter, riding his bike, playing basketball, and playing with peers. Isaiah enjoys listening to children’s music, church music, and country music. Isaiah is reported to be grateful to have new experiences and enjoys trying a variety of new things. Isaiah is closest to his sister Danyelle. Isaiah is kind to animals and is described as well behaved and cooperative. Isaiah is well-liked by his teachers and peers. Isaiah reports that he wants to go into the military when he grows up.

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