Dametre, Dasia, Davon 8074, 8075, 8076

“I want there to be trust in every relationship I have.”

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Dametre, the eldest, is a sports enthusiast with a particular passion for basketball and football. Whether he’s on the court or the field, he gives his all in every game. His preferred classroom activity? None other than PE, where he gets to showcase his athletic skills and work up a sweat. Dametre dreams on a grand scale, and with practice and hard work, he is determined to become a professional basketball player someday. To relax, Dametre enjoys kicking back and watching funny TV shows. Yet, the real joy in his life comes from the company of his younger brother and sister, who consistently lift his mood and fill the air with laughter.

Dasia, an avid reader; she finds comfort in the pages of her favorite stories. But her interests don’t stop there – she’s a creative powerhouse who thrives in the realms of sports, dance, theatre, and music. Her school days are brightened by her love for reading and recess. Dasia’s great sense of humor keeps the laughter flowing and is always making those around her smile. Just like her big brother, her aspirations reach high, and she hopes to become a lawyer.

Davon, the youngest, is a bright and spirited young kiddo who finds joy in helping others and making friends. His love for sports, swimming, hanging out with friends, and reading reflects his diverse interests. A touch of playfulness complements Davon’s chill demeanor; he admits to being a bit ornery, adding a dash of mischief to his charming personality. Davon always brings laughter into the room and dreams of becoming a comedian someday, but his backup plan is to become a judge. An arcade enthusiast, Davon declares that the way to his heart is paved with quarters – a testament to his love for fun and games.

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