Meet Daemian

Daemian is a very spunky and playful little boy with a bright smile. He is very outgoing and does not know a stranger. He enjoys being with others and can make anything fun! Daemian likes to tell jokes and makes others laugh. He likes being outside, running, climbing and playing sports.

He is not currently on a school team but would like to join one; and is especially interested in football. His big imagination shines through when playing legos and building things. He is always willing to help when asked, no matter what the task. Daemian has expressed wanting to have a career in the Army.

Daemian would benefit from a family that will be very consistently structured and patient with him. Daemian likes for others to believe in him and works hard to do well in everything he does. He expressed wanting a family that will be very involved in activities with him. Daemian has also expressed wanting a “a really good dad that will do things with him”.

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