Cyriah LAC1072

Expressing herself through art is one of her passions.

Cyriah (b. October 2010) has a love for life which you can see in her big smile and her beautiful eyes! You can often find Cyriah dancing around a room, being creative and making Tik-Tok videos. She enjoys staying active and would like a family who can keep up with her. Cyriah thinks it would also be great if she could join a swim team or take gymnastic classes. Expressing herself through art is another one of her passions. Cyriah thrives on positive reinforcement and likes to please others. Cyriah is bi-racial African-American/Latina and has siblings with whom she wants to remain in contact. Cyriah does well when she feels loved and protected. She would likely do better in a home where she is the only child in order to receive the much-needed attention – along with love and support – from a forever family. Can you see Cyriah being the right fit for your family? If so, let us know!

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