Crystal E886

“I wanna belong in a family because once you have a family you get close to them, they help you. “

Crystal is a 16 year old young lady who is full of life. She is a very friendly youth who enjoys spending time with others and loves meeting new people. She is almost always smiling and laughs easily. Crystal enjoys receiving attention and thrives on special time set aside and spent with her.

Crystal enjoys reading books and listening to music. Her favorite singer is Selena, and she has collected various memorabilia over time. She will proudly show these off and enjoys receiving Selena gifts. Crystal’s favorite restaurant is Chipotle, and she absolutely loves guacamole. When asked what is important to her in a family, she will often say they must share her love for guacamole! She also loves sharing time over frappes.

Crystal is observant and rarely forgets important details about others. She almost always focuses on the positive things about others exhibiting her strong sense of loyalty. Crystal is bright-eyed and hopeful as she waits for a family to help her learn and grow to overcome the struggles of her life. Crystal can offer all of the love, laughter, and surprises that any family needs.

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