Conner & Maverick – TN01-104438962, TN01-79662930

Playful brothers who have a ton of fun with each other!

Maverick is a happy and energetic young boy who loves to be outside. He enjoys playing with his brother, his foster family, and the family dog. Maverick also does well with independent play. Maverick’s favorite toys are his Lightning McQueen car, Woody Doll, and his toy lawn mower. Maverick enjoys books, especially if they are about movies that he has seen. Some of his favorite movies are Cars and Toy Story. He enjoys watching Disney movies, Blippi, and The Iron Giant. When he’s outside, Maverick likes to play with balls, balloons, water activities, and with his brother. Maverick is an adventurous eater and has very few foods that he dislikes. He does best with routine and is in need of a forever home that will offer him patience and unconditional love.

Conner is a playful young child who loves to be a helper. He loves animals, movie nights, his brother, and his friends. Conner enjoys watching Spiderman shows, Disney movies, MS. Rachel, Lego shows, Baby Shark, and The Iron Giant. Conner enjoys being read to and likes it best when he is asked questions and interacted with during reading time. When he’s outside, Conner enjoys playing with balls, balloons, water activities, and with his brother. Conner also enjoys one on one time with his caregiver. Conner is described as happy with a silly side. He enjoys making funny faces in mirrors and pictures. Conner refers to himself as “cute” and “strong.” Conner needs a forever family that can provide him attention and help him grow to his full potential.

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