Meet Cody

*PLEASE NOTE: Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.*

An intelligent and laid back child, Cody has a lot of love to give. He enjoys watching video games, going for long car rides, listening to music, and swimming. He’s quick to laugh and enjoys being around other people.

Cody, who is nonverbal, communicates with body language. You’ll know he’s happy and content when he’s smiling and laughing. Cody is benefitting from services to help him with his needs, including communication and social. It’s important that Cody continue with these services once he’s in his adoptive home.

Academically, Cody is in a small classroom that can best meet his overall educational needs. He benefits from having one-on-one attention from teachers. He is making progress in becoming more independent; with appropriate supports and interventions, Cody will continue to increase his functional skills and independence.

Cody is a total care child who needs a safe, secure, nurturing family who will accept him as he is, while working closely with other professionals to encourage him to reach his full potential. Though Cody is making progress in his independence, he will need his adoptive family’s support with his self-care needs.

Cody is a happy and loving child who is a joy to be around! He would benefit from a committed, patient family that can give him lots of time and attention. Cody will do best with a family that has a strong support system, and will see that Cody has the resources and supports in place to realize his full potential.


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