Meet Cody

Cody is a kind and very polite boy who is a bit shy. He is a huge fan of superheroes, especially Spider-Man who is his favorite hero. He enjoys playing video games and uses sketching, painting and crafts as positive coping skills. Activities he enjoys include basketball and bouncy houses, playing with Legos and riding bikes.

Cody can be soft-spoken but also has an outgoing side: he enjoys joking around and having fun like any typical boy his age. Cody very much wants to be a part of a family. He will need a family that is able to guide him and offer him structure, but also balance it with care, love, and affection. The ideal parent/family for Cody is one that is committed and patient, who will help him develop his self-esteem and continue learning to trust others. Cody prefers a two-parent home, is fine with same sex parents, and will need his own bedroom. He would also do well with having older siblings that can be positive role-models. Cody would like to have siblings, although he says, “brothers mostly.”

Cody hopes to have a family that he can participate together in various activities, such as going to parks, riding bikes, watching movies, playing games, and eating meals together. He likes both cats and dogs and would like to play with a dog. He will need reminders to do his homework and encouragement that he is capable of doing it himself rather than to rely on adults to do it for him. Cody’s favorite subject in school is math, whereas his least favorite is social studies. Cody’s favorite meals were reported to be McDonald’s or Burger King. We hope you can help expand his food preferences, too! Please contact SNAP to learn more about Cody, who wants people to know that he is very nice.​

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