Meet Coco & Cecelia

Coco and Cecelia are sisters with Cecelia being the oldest. They have an awesome bond. They both enjoy sharing their musical talent of singing.

Coco is described as loving, giving and creative and she has an affectious smile. She is a very sociable and talkative youth. Coco does well in school and loves to sing in the choir.

Cecelia is sociable and inquisitive. She also loves singing in the choir and participating in extracurricular activities. Her favorite activities are soccer and softball. Cecelia’s caregivers describe her as smart, intelligent, introspective, independent, and accommodating. She has all the attributes to be successful.

Collectively, the siblings enjoy skating, eating, hanging out with friends and going to games. Coco and Cecelia have healthy relationships. They will benefit from a patient, structured home.

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