Meet Christian and Kaden

Active and outgoing brothers, Christian & Kaden have a close bond and want to be adopted together.

The older of the two, Christian, is characterized as helpful and polite. He is nurturing towards his little brother and watches out for him. Christian has a lot of hobbies, among them are boxing, technology and video games. He also enjoys playing sports like baseball and he has an interest in outdoor activities like hunting. In school Christian likes his science class the most as he likes to learn about how certain things are made and in particular the how process of recycling works. When he grows up he wants to join the army.

Next up is Kaden who says he also watches out for his brother. He has a lot of interests, like reading, playing games and nature. In school Kaden says he likes his math class the most as it is enjoyable to him. Kaden likes to laugh and silly jokes, cartoons and his brother all make him laugh. When he grows up he wants to be a super hero, his favorite is the flash, so wants to be just like him. Kaden says he can run fast!

Both brothers enjoy being together and are nice to each other. They will need a family that will provide them with lots of love and attention. A family that can provide structure, guidance along with supervision and support is ideal.

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