Cheyenne F0401

“I would like to go to Florida because I know there’s a really pretty beach out there. I would just like to suntan, and see the water, and the sunset.”

Cheyenne loves to draw. She likes to collect shoes, and like most girls, she loves to go shopping! She enjoys some sports, such as basketball and football. She likes to hang around with her friends, and talk, laugh and be silly. Cheyenne likes to laugh, especially at funny jokes. Her favorite class at school is art. She would like to participate in some clubs or sports in the future. She is working on learning independent living skills, such as making her bed, cleaning her windows, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and taking out the trash. In her free time Cheyenne likes to go to the movies. She also likes to roller-skate because she finds it peaceful. In the summer she likes “chilling” around the house, spending time with her friends and watching movies. She enjoys traveling and going on vacation, she is fine with traveling anywhere. She said she would like to see the beach. She said she’s been to Malibu Jacks and the Zoo, and had fun doing both. Cheyenne is not a picky eater. Her favorite food is spaghetti, especially with Ranch Dressing.

Cheyenne likes to keep herself busy helping others that are around her. When she needs a moment to gather her thoughts and chill out, she reads a book. When asked what someone else may want to know about her, she said that they should know she’s a kind person. She has a great relationship with those individuals that provide her support.

Cheyenne prefers a laid back home environment. She would like a to have a nice family, her own bedroom, and a nice home. She hopes to have a cat, since cats are her favorite animal. Cheyenne is fine with having siblings, since she has always had siblings around everywhere she has lived. She would enjoy living on a farm.

Despite the tremulous losses that Cheyenne has experienced in her short life she remains a sweet and endearing child. If you’re looking for a great girl, and a great addition to your family- look no further! Cheyenne is the kiddo for you!

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