Meet Cheyanna

Cheyanna is definitely not your typical teenager. Cheyanna wants to really enjoy being a kid and loves to try new things. She is passionate about learning to play sports and being involved in her community. The idea of a “normal life” is so compelling to her. She has a strong desire to be this outgoing child and be involved with a family where she can enjoy life to it’s fullest, that is what keeps her motivated and keeps that vision inside of her alive. She continuesn to have faith and hope that the perfect family will be united with her soon.

Cheyanna needs a family who is willing to support her and encourage her. She is a very caring child and enjoys time spent with people doing activities she enjoys like shopping, going to the movies and listening to music. She’s definitely not afraid to dance crazy in the car once she gets past her shyness and Cheyanna is described as having a fun and playful personality. She is interested in helping with household chores too, which is always a strength, for she wants to learn more about how to cook different things and she knows how to clean.

Ultimately Cheyanna enjoys feeling like she is being productive and helpful. Having a child whose face lights up when they know they have made a difference no matter how big or small, is a true gift and blessing to have, and that describes Cheyanna perfectly. Cheyanna needs a family who is willing to spend quality time with her and make it known to her that they can be trusted and that she is a priority and that she matters. Cheyanna is very task oriented and always gets along great with authority figures in her life.

Cheyanna truly has a heart that desires stability with a family she can trust. She would thrive in a family who will never give up on her and will always be there for her to teach and to love, as well as cherish and encourage her to be all that she desires and wants the freedom to be.

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