Chevianne and Rachel, 6206/6205

“Our bond is unbreakable.”
-Elsie, age 10

Rachel, born in 2008, and Chevianne, born in 2013, are Caucasian siblings in need of a loving adoptive family that will enable them to maintain and preserve their bond. Rachel is a helpful and respectful teen who loves to care for animals. She currently works as a groomer and would like to make a career taking care of animals. At school, where she makes friends easily, Rachel enjoys the study of agriculture and caring for the school animals. Rachel is a fan of the UGA bulldogs, all types of music, watching movies, and swimming. She also likes art projects.

Little sister, Chevianne, likes to read, do arts and crafts, and most anything technology-related. Chevianne is also a UGA fan, is particularly interested in country music, and loves to play in the woods. She hopes to become a singer/songwriter one day. These girls need a committed family that will encourage their interests and guide them in achieving their goals in life.

The girls also hope to have a family that will encourage them to maintain a relationship with their prior foster parents.

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