Meet Charles “Charlie”

*PLEASE NOTE: Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.*

Charles likes to go by the name “Charlie.” Charlie is a thoughtful and charismatic teen looking for a forever family where he can be himself. People who know Charlie, would describe him as kind, sweet, athletic, funny, and full of energy. Charlie loves to stay active. He enjoys different types of sports and activities such as football, skateboarding, and riding bikes. Charlie also enjoys music and art. He is very helpful and loves to learn, especially when he can do hands-on activities.

Charlie has many ideas of what he wants to do in his future, but hasn’t narrowed it down to just one thing. He would like to continue doing art and maybe one day become a famous artist. He would like to become an artist to live out his uncle’s dream. He has a recent interest in photography for different reasons. He likes to take pictures freely to just take pictures. He also likes photography because pictures often tell a story. He said that it means something when you take a picture and it brings back memories for other people and he wants to be able to do that for people. Charlie also has said that he wants to one day help homeless people or people who have just got off track. He wants to help them get jobs, stay sober, and be a support for them. He believes people can get better, but they need support.

Charlie’s favorite subjects in school are PE and math. He enjoys math because he likes to solve problems. Charlie is looking for a “no matter what” family that can provide him with patience and stability. He needs to have strong role models that can help guide him to make his dreams become his future. Charlie wants a family that will give him space when he needs it to allow him to do his own thing at times. He would like parents to make it feel like a good family. Parents who will treat him like their own child and give him the love he needs.


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