Carson F0387

“The only thing I really ask in a family is just to have a chance.”

Meet Carson, our vibrant teenager with a heart as big as his love for the Kentucky Wildcats. This sports aficionado is not just a fan; he’s your go to guy for all things sports, ready to chat about WWE wrestling, dissect gameplays, or engage in a friendly debate about his favorite teams.

When he’s not immersed in the world of sports, you’ll find him captivated by the digital realm, enjoying video games and diving into YouTube videos. He can spend hours exploring and learning in the digital realm. His interests extend beyond the digital and sports realms, with a fondness for Mickey Mouse, Percy Jackson, Greek Mythology, and the Fast and Furious saga.

Carson is a bright and witty young man who has a fantastic sense of humor, albeit on the dry side. He’s a chatterbox and will talk to you about anything. However, he is self-conscious about this. Carson dreams of joining the school band to express his rhythm through drumming.

Navigating the challenges of being told no or not getting his way can trigger emotional struggles sometimes leading to verbal and physical outbursts. Carson is resilient and has faced adversity, exhibiting symptoms of his past trauma. Trusting adults has been a struggle, affecting his ability to form strong bonds with his caregivers. Despite past challenges, he’s on a positive trajectory.

Carson’s deepest desire is to find a forever family that won’t give up on him. He’s looking for caregivers who see beyond the challenges, ready to provide unwavering support and create a stable, loving home where he can continue to grow and thrive. Are you ready to be the anchor in his journey?

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