Carlos, Amire, Ja’Khai 7937, 7938, 7939

Three active brothers who wish to be adopted together.

Please note: only families residing in the state of Kansas are being considered at this time.

Carlos, Amire and Ja’Khai are three active brothers who wish to be adopted together! Polite and helpful, Carlos fills the role of older brother well! He loves playing alongside his two younger brothers and helping them when he can. Carlos considers himself an athlete and has a love for sports! In fact, he thinks it’d be pretty cool to play in the NFL when he grows up. A family who can support Carlos’ passion for sports would be ideal. Carlos is a good student and takes pride in maintaining his grades. On the weekends he enjoys time outdoors, riding bikes, fishing, or playing video games with his brothers!

Much like his older brother, Amire has a passion for sports. Specifically, soccer! Although he likes to participate in running and basketball as well. Amire has a great sense of humor. You can find him telling and giggling along to all the silliest jokes! Amire is a philomath, who finds joy in science and expanding his knowledge about the world. Amire would love to be part of a family who spends time being active. He loves to take trips to the community center and pool, hoping his new neighborhood will have one nearby!

As the youngest, Ja’Khai often looks up to his big brothers! So it comes as no surprise he too plays sports, with soccer also being his favorite. Ja’Khai likes to do anything that includes being active and having fun! He has an affectionate personality and is full of silliness. Ja’Khai loves his bike, especially if it means riding with his brothers. Ja’Khai would benefit from a family who participates in organized activities together. All three boys are looking for a loving family who can adopt them together, but still provide them with individual attention and support.

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