Canyon, Justus, & Analea SVA0112869

Justus, Analea and Canyon are looking for a family where they move on to happier times togethers.

Justus, who is 14, and his 12 year old twin brother and sister, Canyon and Analea, are siblings who look forward to finding a family and moving on to happier times together.

Justus is outgoing, social and athletic. He enjoys baseball and plays on his community soccer team. His holds his Christian faith close and and finds comfort in the presence of God in his life. He is protective of his brother and sister, and hopes to become an attorney so he can help others.

Analea is fun-loving girl with a great sense of humor and enjoys singing and cooking. She is proud of doing well in school and would like to become a veterinarian. Her religion is important to her and she wants to grow in her faith.

Canyon is a caring, nurturing boy who enjoys the outdoors, video games, reading — and would love to visit Virginia Beach. He dreams of becoming a Youtuber, and likes spending time with his family.

Could you be the forever family this trio is looking for?

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