Candice E553

Candice likes to stay busy and wants an active family to do things with her.

Candice is a cute girl with a sweet personality. She has a good singing voice and loves to sing in the church choir. She likes country music best and you will be in for a treat to hear her sing! She loves home cooked food and likes to eat healthy. Hot sauce is her favorite and she puts it in most everything she eats. She enjoys sewing, listening to music and singing along with it, going on outings, movies, hanging with friends and just being a teenager.

She is learning about makeup and starting to use it. Candice likes most foods and is willing to try new things. She needs to stay busy and wants an active family to do things with her. She helps around the house but needs to be reminded to do her chores sometimes but not often. She wants to be a police officer when she grows up and has used her allowance to buy things for the officers in her town to show her appreciation.

Candice needs a lot of one on one attention and help with her schoolwork as she works below grade level. She has her moments as we all do, but she is a sweet child and is very generous. Candice is very loyal once she gets to know you and trust you. If you have a song in your heart to sing with Candice and make beautiful harmony together, please contact KAPE.

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