Cameron F0068

“What do I want to be when I grow up? I would want to be a policeman. I would like to protect the people who I love.”

Meet Cameron, a calm young man who finds joy in nature. Cameron loves to travel and discover new places. Energetic and enthusiastic, Cameron is quite fond of baseball and riding his bike. University of Louisville is his favorite baseball team! He would like to play for a professional or college team one day.

Cameron loves animals and is especially fond of dogs. Fast food, pretzels, and ice cream are his favorite foods, and he loves to help in the kitchen and help to clean the house. Cameron at this time is thinking about a career in the military. He enjoys listening to all types of music. Cameron is artsy and enjoys crafting in his free time.

Cameron wants a family of his own. He would thrive best in a small, two-parent family with a possible stay at home parent. Cameron deserves and desires a nurturing, loving family who will provide structure so he can succeed in meeting his goals and launching into adulthood!

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