Meet Caleb

*PLEASE NOTE: Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.*

Caleb, who’s always up for an adventure, loves to be outside. He is full of energy and enjoys being active whether it’s through sports or playing with cars or Legos. When he’s ready for a rest Caleb likes to watch movies.

It should be of no surprise that Caleb’s favorite class in school is recess! This is a great time for him to expend some of his energy. Caleb benefits from a school program that addresses his specific needs. He benefits from having one-on-one attention from teachers within a structured environment. Having a very predictable and consistent daily routine at home and at school with simple rules, expectations, and limits help Caleb to better manage his attentiveness and high energy. He benefits from having an attentive and caring adult nearby to coach and redirect him when needed, to further foster his growth, maturity, and development.

Caleb needs a committed family that will not give up on him, is excited to stay active with him, and can provide structure but also lots of love, nurturing, and patience. Caleb has a good relationship with his sisters and will need an adoptive family that can help him maintain these connections. He says that he wouldn’t mind having some brothers.

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