Brianna “Alix” TN01-12340122

Alix likes to try new foods and loves to cook and bake.

Meet Alix! Alix is very charming and charismatic. Alix loves to run, and she is very involved in track and team sports. Alix also likes to do crafts projects. Alix wants to be an artist when she grows up, as she is very talented in the arts. Alix can make anything 3D through cardboard and paper, enjoys painting with acrylics and watercolors, and dancing. Alix is more of an outdoorsy person and draws inspiration for artwork when outdoors. Alix loves all animals. She enjoys doing her nails and wearing makeup, and she likes to do different things with how she expresses herself. Alix is a trendsetter in her appearance and dress. Alix likes to sit down with the family for meals. Alix likes to try new foods and loves to cook and bake. Her favorite thing to cook is enchiladas, and favorite thing to bake is cakes. Alix has a creative decorating process of three-layered cakes where she creates her own fondant and uses elaborate decorations. Alix would thrive in a family that would provide the structure and support she needs to reach her life goals.

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